5 Major Benefits of Container Freight Stations

Container Freight Stations (CFS) is the place where the consolidation and deconsolidation of shipments occur. CFSs’ were mainly developed to prevent congestion in the ports. Container Freight Stations are established near ports and railway hubs in the United States to avoid congestion in the shipment hubs. However, Container Freight stations serve discrete functions in international trade. CFSs actively participate in the import and export processes. Freight forwarders and logistics service providers frequently avail the freight station services for their appealing benefits. Here are the top benefits that attract users to the Container freight station.

Centralized Shipment Area

CFS acts as the staged area for shipments. CFS is categorized into origin CFS and destination CFS. A container freight station is an ideal location for importers and exporters to load or unload cargo. Moreover, shipment companies, freight forwarders, and logistics service providers all get connected at the CFS. Moreover, before distribution to the market, goods get sorted and organized at this centralized location. Thus, CFS offers a centralized location to all pillars of the trade.

Better Shipment Control

Container Freight stations keep records of all inventory, containers, goods, importers, exporters, and relevant service providers. It helps the relevant service providers to organize the logistics in a better way. Containers can set off to the destination within the time limit without delay. Moreover, CFS is the best service provider to manage in-land shipments and logistics.

Relieves Congestion in The Ports

Primarily, Lionext Inc. has developed container freight stations to target congestion in the ports. Ports have limited storage space in the form of container yards. Sometimes, containers and shipments remain pending customs clearance for months. So, a container freight station is the best location to protect the cargo. It prevents the ports from overstuffing the space and leaves space for a new container to load or unload.

Processes Better Export and Import 

Container freight stations accelerate the import and export processes. Container freight station staff help the traders from scratch to the destination point. A CFS simplifies the process from sorting and stuffing the containers to clearing the customs, documentation, and delivery to the port. Freight service providers are responsible for loading the container for export and unloading the goods for import.

Protected Storage Location


Container freight stations by Lionext Inc. offer the best container storage location. It is similar to the warehouse where the goods can be stored and located for a fixed tenure. When containers require clearance from the customs authorities, containers are held at the freight station till the clearance.

Whether you have a liquid container, dry food or item container, or a regular packaged container, a freight station stores all at a suitable temperature, the digital tracking system, high security, and electronic entries of the containers keep the goods more secure.

Other benefits include duty-free storage, quick container access, and additional shipment security. Moreover, traders and companies can easily access and track their possessions. Freight stations are preferred over storage yards for quick and efficient shipment processing. Undoubtedly, container freight stations accelerate the trade process and keep the trade in-flow

Hire Lionext Inc. For The Consolidation and Deconsolidation Shipments

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