5 traits to look for in a Cargo Agent

Contrary to what it might look like, working as a cargo agent is not simple be it in air freight or ocean freight. This is so because they frequently earn commissions in a sector that relies only on services and non-tangible goods. 

Any service business has its own set of difficulties when developing and keeping great connections with customers. 

There are many cargo agents to pick from, ranging from established companies with years of expertise to new companies that focus on a specific industry only. 

However, having too many options might make choosing who to entrust with your goods more challenging. The following is a list of 5 characteristics that must be considered when selecting a cargo agent for a container freight station. 

Adequate Experience

There are no specific regulations governing the cargo sector in most countries; therefore, theoretically, anybody might start their own business. 

You may have peace of mind knowing that the cargo agent you choose has several years of expertise. And is accustomed to handling any problems that could arise throughout a process that could be reasonably complex by selecting one with a long history in the business.

In terms of ocean freight several different factors must be considered; therefore, it is crucial to make sure that the cargo agent that is selected by you has adequate experience relevant to the service that you want. 

For instance, a cargo agent specializing in ocean freight might not be the best choice for you if you need to transfer items urgently via air freight. This is particularly important in shipping that needs specialized treatment, such as perishable food that must be kept at a specific temperature or automobiles that must be transported using the Roll-on, Roll-off method.


Any business engaged in international freight that complies with all regulatory criteria and holds the necessary licenses may be accredited. You must check the “stamps of approval” or certifications owned by the freight forwarder that you choose. As they may act as an excellent sign of professionalism and high standards in the absence of proper regulation.

A Widespread Strong Network

For top-quality services, a cargo agent depends on its network of agents and carriers. Thus, if the network is poor and inadequate, delays in a shipment or problems that are difficult to fix may occur frequently. 

A cargo agent, for instance, would be capable of determining the best alternative for your package from various carriers. 

Agents in the location where your goods would be received would also be available to handle any issues that may arise during customs clearance or throughout the shipment’s subsequent trip.

Therefore, to get the best service, it’s essential to look into your preferred freight network in the nations you would import from or export to.

Wrap-Around Services

A cargo agent that offers the precise shipping service you need, whether it be Less Than Container Load (LCL), Full Container Load (FCL), Roll-on, Roll-off (RORO), or entirely another thing, is the best choice for you. 

Nevertheless, an agent may provide a wide range of other services that could significantly improve the efficiency of your business and simplify your life.

For example, some agents offer port-centric logistics, which can reduce the number of handling steps needed for warehousing and delivery. 

This might provide you with several advantages, such as requiring lesser costs and time, lowering the carbon footprint of your goods, and lowering the possibility of delays, cargo loss, or other similar problems.

Good Consumer Care

A good business is founded on top-notch customer service. Having a person committed to making things right as soon as possible is crucial. In case an error occurs somewhere across the process of shipping the cargo, which can happen regardless of the agent you hire. 

Additionally, search for particular technologies that would improve your client experience. For instance, online tracking is an excellent tool for better interaction between companies and their clients.

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