5 Ways Air Freight Helps You Save More On Cargo

When it comes to air freight shipping, traders find it the fastest source of cargo delivery. Usually, small or medium-sized businesses avoid air freight as it is the most expensive cargo operation. With air freight services, the exporters or importers can save more on cargo than usual. We have listed the top 5 ways to help you have a cost-effective air freight service. 

Consolidated Air Freight Shipments

Consolidated shipment happens when the cargo is less than a container load. So, the air freight providers allow one or more shipments from different customers in a single container. Consolidated shipment options facilitate small businesses. It is the cost-effective solution for cargo for land lock destinations or far away destinations. The weight and dimensions of the general cargo are divided among different traders, which also reduces the air freight shipment’s overall cost.

Choose Transit Shipment for Cost-Effective Delivery.

Though direct shipment to the destination enhances the supply chain experience, it is also one of the costly shipments. However, low-cost businesses can choose transit shipment options. Transit shipment is like catching an intermediate flight to reach the actual destination. Similarly, the transshipments must pass different routes to offload the cargo that leads to your destination route. 

Transit shipments require more than usual time to reach the destination. But if you have chosen the weekend for the transit shipments, you will not feel the delay in time. The purpose of selecting the transit option is that it costs much lower than the direct shipment. 

Better Handling Prevents Damage to The Products.

Logistics services are notorious for poor handling of the products. Surprisingly, air freight service providers are more concerned with the safety and protection of goods packed for shipment. Traders often have to suffer great losses as a result of poor handling of the cargo. However, you can prevent damage to the products or items packed in the consignment with air freight service providers. 

Fast Delivery for Short-Expiry Products

Air freight service providers deliver all types of products, from heavy to delicate ones. Some effects, like food items, medicines, and chemicals, have a short-expiry date. So, traders must send them to their destination within a limited time. Short-expiry products often need to be spent on the way to the goal when the traders choose the wrong freight service. Paying higher for these delicate products is better than bearing a bigger loss. Moreover, air freight services can take cargo with a short expiry date within a few hours only. Consequently, supply chain services benefit greatly from quick delivery and customer satisfaction. 

Reduce The Warehouse Storage Cost.

Sometimes, the traders keep the containers in the warehouses for a long time. Undoubtedly, they have to pay higher to store the containers there. Instead of waiting for the next land freight or ocean freight for months, it is better to choose air freight services to prevent storage costs. Warehouse storage, origin logistic services, and other charges increase the cost of the products in the containers. Air freight services offer quick delivery to the destination and help to minimize storage costs. 

Cut Cost with Lionext Inc. Air Freight Services

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