6 Problems that Container freight station Service Solves for You

Are you an importer or exporter who is facing issues in managing shipments? It is hectic for independent and small distributors to manage their containers usually. Here comes the assistance in the form of container freight station Service. Lionext offers you the service to make your life easier and business smooth. As a reputed service provider, we offer you support with the following issues.

Importer & Exporters Liaison

A container freight station is a liaison among multiple small importers or exporters. It mainly combines them to process their imports or export together to reduce cargo and shipment costs. It helps businesses to get covered for a considerable amount of money when they have smaller packages to deliver. As a middle party, we create a connection between similar and relevant businesses to let them manage things efficiently.

Placement & Storage of Goods

At the dock, managing the massive stock is a big thing. It is hectic for businesses to secure their stuff until they get every processed. Here comes the Container freight station in action. You can place the goods or packages at the station for a short time or even store them for a long time. When businesses do not have any massive storage place, we offer them access to our storage. Letting clients sit back and relax about their stuff, we provide product-sensitive storage options and stations.

Consolidation or Deconsolidation of LCL

The biggest problem small importers or exporters have to face is managing their LCL (Less than Container Load) Orders. They have to face issues when they do not have a whole container to book. If you are the one, then a Container freight station is your ultimate resort. Here you get the assistance of consolidating export goods and deconsolidation of import goods.

The Container freight station offers multiple importers to combine tier LCL orders at one place, book one container and ship them to a similar destination. At the destination port, the team manages the deconsolidation of the container of their respective clients and dispatches the borderers ahead. The process is identical for the importers. It contains the mess, processes things faster, and reduces business shipment costs.

Handling Shipment irregularities

Shipment is not a quick-go process at all. Numerous reasons, from paperwork to natural calamities, can cause delays and irregularities. The Container freight station service provider helps you take a break in such a situation. The professionals in the team are right there to manage these irregularities and issues. Knowing the reasons and possibilities of the glitch, the professionals take care of everything and bring out effective results. We do not let you exhaust yourself.

Sort Port Congestions

Container freight station service is a big help for the clients and port management. As a stakeholder in port management, we play our part in managing port congestion and avoiding such issues. With the timely management and dispatch of all the orders and shipments, we ensure neither our clients nor the port manager has to face problems. Everything is processed quickly to avoid delays and make space for future orders.

Bottom Line

Container freight station service is well-packed with numerous benefits and characteristics for importers and exporters. Lionext proudly offers seamless and well-managed services for clients to give them ultimate support and quick and painless management of their stocks, orders, and packages. We are paving your way to quick dispatches and seamless receiving.

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