Bonded warehouse and Bonded truck services are Your Savior. How?

When you import goods and stuff from other cities or countries, many customs formalities await you. These are the policies to pay customs and get hold of the goods you called in. the process typically takes days or weeks as customs clearance is a long-going procedure and sometimes has a few hiccups. However, the Bonded warehouse or bonded truck services are your saviors.

These are the services Lionext designed to help you with customs clearance. When you import goods from abroad, the bonded warehouse is the right place to keep the stuff secured and attended to. However, the bonded truck service can help you with land-transported goods.

Secure import items

The very first benefit you can access is the safety of imported goods. As service providers, we have setups to receive and secure your products on port and a land check post. There is no need to be at the dock or check post for receiving. The representatives will take care of everything. They will later process the other formalities on your behalf to get the clearance as fast as possible.

Enable quick release of Shipments. 

Lionext offers you Bonded warehouse and bonded truck services knowing the paperwork and quick release tactics. Having years of experience, we are eligible to handle any stuff at the ports and land check posts simultaneously. Each product or material category has its protocols. Our representatives understand these protocols and work accordingly.Simplified permits for time-sensitive goods

For the time-sensitive products that are usually encountered at the intercity check posts is crucial. It’s essential to clear and deliver them to their destination in time. We have simplified permits for such products that enable you to release your trucks immediately without creating any fuss. The perishable products reach their destination in time, and you get permission for their distribution to the customs too.

Expert customs management and handling

Bonded warehouse or bonded truck service is more than just clearing the goods from check posts or ports. It involves customs management and handling—knowledge of what to do and how to reach which situation is very critical. Sometimes, mishandling communication can cost you a lot. It delays clearance and makes it difficult for you to transfer the products to market.

At this time, Lionext is your ultimate option. We have professionals who are trained to manage and handle the custom processes. They are well aware of the procedures and determine the hiccups in no time. You can stay stress-free while we are taking care of everything.

Ensure continuous supply

The products or necessities coming from abroad or outside the city area are crucial for delivery. Delays in customs clearance can lead to loss or shortage of stuff in the market. The Bonded Warehouse and bonded truck services are a source to keep up with the supply chain. It regulates the process by efficiently taking care of all formalities promptly. By reducing the custom clearance duration, the service helps to avoid any critical supply management issues in the market. 

Wrap Up!

Commonly, people perceive Bonded warehouse as just a warehouse service. It’s not just about storing the imported material safely but helping in its clearance and processes at the same time. The Bonded truck scenario is slightly different but extremely helpful with road-transported goods and supplies. Whenever you are dealing with time-based perishable goods, we are a step ahead to help you get the fastest clearance.

Lionext is bringing you supportive and custom-designed transportation services that help grow your business better. We have specially designed bonded warehouse and bonded truck services that make your supply chain management smoother and more realistic.

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