Container Freight Station


CFS Warehouse & Logistics services that are optimized to meet your needs with customized service

Consolidate. Reconsolidate. Trade. Store – All at Once!

Lionext Inc. pays attention to making trade straightforward for all traders. We bring Container Freight Station services for the small traders who do lies in the tab of LCL trades. It’s a one-in-all service that helps in the consolidation, de-consolidation, storage, sorting, and trading of goods.

We are responsible for matching traders of similar interests based in different areas at our warehouse. It’s where they can access the ultimate service of having the perfect support and management.

One place for all functions

At our CFS facility, we offer our clients all the functions from consolidating their goods into one container to shipping them and even receiving the shipments and de-consolidate them there. Along with the loading or unloading stuff, we offer to store the stock without moving it to any other place. It helps in simplifying the processes and coming up with better arrangements.

Why Lionext Inc. Container Freight Station?

At Lionext Inc., we are giving you the ultimate access to numerous facilities. Knowing your range of needs, we provide you with the best services of all time. Making things accessible for traders is our priority, and it makes us better.

  • Licensed and Approved – Lionext Inc. is a licensed CFS services provider. We have the legal right to consolidate and manage the shared containers in our facility.
  • Designated facility – our CFS warehouses are designed for the job. These are good enough to accommodate multiple containers and larger shipments at the same time.
  • Professional consignment handlers – professional handlers ensure the perfect classification, sorting, and storage of goods into different sections.
  • Supportive services for trading – offering a wide range of services supporting quick and easy trading for clients.
  • Simplification of processes – Lionext Inc. does not believe in the complication of processes. We invest our time in simplifying the processes.
  • Inventory Management – we are accommodating millions of traders for their inventory management at CFS warehouses.
  • Packaging, managing & storage together – at one place, our Lionext Inc. team takes care of the packaging, managing, storage, and even distribution of the stock.

Get an Ultimate Trade Partner!

Lionext Inc. can be your ultimate trade partner to access comfortable and easy-to-manage container freight station services. Connect with us today to get the ultimate trading comfort.


Who can access CFS Services?

Any trader who plans to import or export goods in shared containers can access these services.

Are CFS services legal?

Yes, container freight station services are legal and regulated under trade terms.

Does Container Freight Station Cost low?

Yes, the CFS services are low cost and affordable in comparison, not the facilities and features it provides. The facility helps traders to access multiple features at the same time and enjoy stress-free trades.

Which type of trade fits best for CFS service?

The Less than Container Load trades are ideal to fit into the CFS services. The traders can trade in small quantities and manage them easily in one place.

What are the different types of cargo that Lionext Inc. is equipped to handle?

How Lionext Inc.’s CFS warehouse & logistics services can benefit your business?