Contract Logistics Services

Contract Logistics Services

Let Us Take Care of All the Hassle for CLS; So, You Can Get Back to What Really Matters!

Your Ultimate Logistics Partner

Lionext Inc. is a part of around 23.6 billion Dollar industry that is massively growing. Businesses rely on contract logistics services to manage their supply chain. We are providing third-party contractor service for transportation, logistics, and more. With our ultimate range of services, we enjoy a fair share of every growing market.

As a contract logistics company, Lionext Inc. focuses on providing total solutions with 100% customer satisfaction. The precision of services and in-time delivery are among our core values. We are holding onto the highest standards of perfection in delivering the best logistics and supply chain services.

One-Stop Solution for All Logistic Needs

At Lionext Inc., we have designed our services focusing on your logistic needs. As an integral industry partner, we have handled numerous clients’ logistics and supply chains. We aim to eliminate your hassle of contacting multiple service providers for each kind of logistic service. That’s why we bring you stops solutions.

What Lionext Inc. offers you?

Explore our wide range of contract logistics services to lift your business standards.

Transfers & Distributions

Our experts will handle your goods transfer from production to warehouse, port to distributors, and even doorsteps to consumers. We take care of local, intercity, and even cross-border goods transfers. We manage the distribution channels and make safe transfers so your supply chain will work efficiently. Keeping the supply according to demand is our focus.

Inventory management

Not just the transfers, Lionext Inc. offers you inventory management services. Keeping records of what comes in and goes out is on the books. Maintaining a transparent ledger that helps track your trading processes is essential.

Warehouse management

Lionext Inc. offers you well-managed warehouses next to ports. It makes the contract logistics more comfortable for you. We help you access the smart warehouse facility with a reduced burden of frequent movements.

Supply chain management

Specializing in supply chain management, we let you stand out from competitors and always serve the target consumer smartly. Lionext Inc. never enables you to face logistic or supply interruptions with smart management and an unmatchable fleet.

Why Lionext Inc.? Quality & Dedication is Our Identity

  • Well Managed Logistic Setup
  • Reliable Resources
  • Professionals at Work
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Custom Solutions

Get Unmatchable Contract Logistic Service

Boost your business performance and strengthen your market presence with our 3rd party contract logistic service. Lionext Inc. keeps it affordable and flexible based on your business model and size. For more information, reach out today.


What is a contract logistics management service?

Contract logistics management service lets you reduce your cost of managing in-house logistics and bearing the transfer fleet. You can get the benefits at flexible conditions and affordable pricing from a 3rd party to manage your supply chain of goods.

How are contract logistics different from warehousing?

Warehousing involves the storage of goods. However, logistics is about taking care of supply chain management.

Does contract logistic service cost low?

Yes, the contract logistics saves a lot of money compared to your in-house managed logistics. It helps you even manage small transfers at a low cost.