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Get Ocean Freight Services for Bulk Shipments. How?

Ocean freight services deliver heavy loads and oversized cargoes by the ocean. Shipping containers secure all types of goods and luggage. Nearly 90% of cargo is delivered through ocean freight as it is the most affordable shipment. However, couriers and air freight are one of the most expensive and less common modes of transport. 

What Is Ocean Freight?

Ocean or sea freight is transporting goods to other countries via sea routes. Ocean freight services play a vital role in cross-border trade. Whether a beginner exporter or trader, you must revise the shipping options over time. However, the sea routes are one of the affordable and better choices for international trade.  

Benefits of Ocean Freight Bulk Containers 

Ocean freight is one of the most popular freight services. Why do traders prefer the ocean routes? It is because of the surprising benefits of ocean transportation services. Have a look at some of them:

  •     Large Shipping Capacity

Mainly, ocean shipping is used for large and oversized loads that cannot be delivered via land or air. Air freight also carries larger loads, but it costs too higher to afford. Ocean freight facilitates all traders with loads less than containers or full-load containers. Moreover, consolidated consignments are also accepted and delivered safely.

  •     Affordable Mode of Transportation

The cost and fuel of the sea route are many times lesser than the air or land shipping. Ocean freight rates can be as low as 50 cents per kg. As one ship carries hundreds of loads from the traders, it reduces the overall cost of transportation. On the contrary to it, air freight services can cost shipping nearly $10 per kg. This significant difference between the traits makes ocean freight services more popular and preferable.  

  •   Fewer International Restrictions

Shipping via land and air carries several restrictions. The traders cannot export or import perfumes, drugs, and even some types of food and plants. Comparatively, ocean shipping is free of material-based restrictions. Usually, traders can import or export all types of material, chemicals, and goods via sea.  

  •   Environment-Friendly Transport Mode

Marine ships are more environment-friendly. It emits less carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other toxic gases into the environment. On the other hand, air and land vehicles are notorious for emitting more significant amounts of toxic gases into the air. 

How to Calculate Ocean Freight Rates for Bulk Shipments?

Traders have to pay the charges per the goods’ weight and dimensions. Ocean freight service providers may change the rates as the taxes and other charges variate. The factors that contribute to the ocean freight rates include:

  • Pickup point and delivery destination (ports, warehouses, other centralized areas)
  • Custom clearance duty
  • Insurance
  • Route charges
  • Fuel surcharges
  • Container freight station tax
  • Type of vessels (containers, liquid, cargo, and tankers)
  • Size of shipments
  • Type of shipment (consolidated or private container load)

How Do Ocean Freight Services Work?

When you choose ocean freight shipping, you need a third party or a factory to sort, organize, and pack all items and products according to the shipping regulations. However, the ocean freight services work step by step:

  •   Pick Up Point

The freight service providers book vessels like containers, tankers, or liquid cargo per your business requirement. Then, the loads are transferred from the pickup point to the Origin via trucks or other vehicles. 

  • Origin

Your goods or shipments must pass customs clearance at the origin point. Then, these goods are transferred to the ports.

  •   Ships 

Next, shared or full containers are loaded onto the ships. Before shipping, it is necessary to complete all necessary documents to unload at the delivery destination. After clearing all taxes and surcharges, the ships are ready to set off to their destination.


  •   Destination

After arriving at the destination, shipments pass customs clearance or other taxes according to international regulations. Then, the shipments are released to reach the warehouses.

  •   Delivery Point

Later on, the loads are handed over to the end customers via trucks. 

Is It Suitable for Me to Choose the Ocean Freight Shipping?

Ocean freight is the best one to deliver all types of goods and loads. However, it holds several disadvantages also. For instance, ocean shipping is a slower mode of transportation. In some cases, it may take months to reach the destination. The ratio of accidents, damage to the goods, and mishandling of the products are uncontrollable at ocean freights. However, it is a less expensive mode of shipment. It reduces the cost of overall trading and connects to the global trading system.

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