Ocean Freight Services

Ocean Freight services

Ocean Freight Services – We’ll take care of all aspects from start to finish so that shipping can happen quickly

Low-cost, Flexible, Reliable, and Secured Ocean Freight Services by Lionext.Inc.

Did you know that 90% of global trade happens through the sea? This is because ocean freight is a cost-effective way to transport goods across borders. At Lionext Inc. we understand the importance of affordable and reliable ocean freight services, which is why we offer the best options in the market.

Every year, thousands of people rely on our ocean freight services to transport their goods safely and efficiently. We have a proven track record of providing reliable and timely deliveries, which is why we have a high customer satisfaction rate.

Using our ocean freight services can save people significant amounts of money compared to other modes of transportation. Research has shown that on average, using ocean freight can save up to 80% compared to air freight. This is a significant amount that can make a big difference to businesses and individuals who rely on international trade.

By providing these statistics and research to our audience, we hope to help them make more informed decisions when it comes to picking the right freight services for their needs. At Lionext Inc. we are committed to providing the best ocean freight services in the market, and we are confident that our customers will be satisfied with the results.

Our Ocean Freight Offers

Knowing your need for the ultimate and super flexible shipment needs, we offer complete solutions. These are designed to accommodate full-time and part-time traders.

Full Container Load

FCL (Full Container Load) allows full-time or bulk traders to book their containers conveniently. We will enable you to have all your stuff in one container and get it shipped easily.

Less than Container Load

Are you a small trader who cannot afford a full container? Lionext Inc. offers the LCL facility, where you can book less than a container load with other traders. We serve you with the facility helping multiple small traders come together and bear the shipment cost.

Global Supply Chain Management

Lionext Inc. does serve as your global supply chain management service. When you have massive demand and supply cycle, we are there to help you with it. Following the extensive protocols and management, we ensure you will have a smooth supply of products according to your needs.

Why Lionext Inc. for Ocean Freight Services?

Select Lionext Inc. for the ultimate ocean freight services, as we hold the best place for exceptional services.

  • Centralized and managed – all our operations are centralized, and we work your shipments efficiently through a well-designed mechanism.
  • Unlimited freight options offer numerous freight options to select from according to your affordability, shipment size, and type.
  • Accommodate all ocean cargo needs – offer specialized ocean cargo for a wide range of products and goods, including specialized handling and processing.
  • Sustainable and cost-efficient – Lionext Inc. offers you cost-efficient and sustainable shipment services that are good for business in the long run and never increase budget pressure on the company.
  • Insured and secured – we offer you shipment insurance and security options that ease you for the safety of goods.
  • In-time delivery: Lionext Inc. ocean freight works for the short term, delivers too rapidly, and only makes your shipment on time if an unmanageable condition appears.

Ship with Lionext Inc. today!

Are you preparing a cargo and looking for some reasonable service? Lionext Inc. ocean freight is the ultimate option to grab. Get our offers for your consignment and enjoy hassle-free, well-managed services to boost your trade, imports, exports, and e-commerce.


How does ocean freight different from sea freight?

Technically, these two are similar, and ocean freight is also known as sea freight, where you can use well-packed sea containers to transport goods.