The Benefits of Shipping with Ocean T86 Clearance

Rising fuel costs have made international shipping extremely expensive, especially for ecommerce businesses and exporters. However, customs charges and import taxes only increase the shipping cost further. 

This can be detrimental for small exporters and ecommerce stores and make it impossible to compete internationally. Fortunately, there are alternatives to pay expensive shipping costs with the introduction of the Ocean T86 clearance form. This form allows you to ship certain goods to the US without paying taxes. 

However, the value of the goods must be less than $800, and it cannot be classified as a high-value item. Shippers who understand the Ocean T86 clearance process will process your shipments much faster, and you won’t have to deal with unnecessary taxes. Lionext Inc. is helping you to access the facility and make your shipment process even smoother. 

But what qualifies a shipment for an Ocean T86 Clearance, and how do you use it? 

The Requirements for Ocean T86 Clearance 

While the Ocean T86 clearance system allows you access to cheaper and faster shipping, you can refrain from using it, or customs may seize your shipment. This is why ensuring that your shipment qualifies for this clearance form is crucial. Here are some factors that may allow your shipment for OceanT86 clearance with Lionext Inc.: 


The main factor determining whether you can import a shipment duty-free is whether it is below a specific price threshold. Currently, this price threshold is $800. If your shipment is worth more than $800, it won’t qualify for a duty-free import, and you’ll have to wait for customs to do a valuation and charge duty on your shipments. 

Product Category 

Another major factor that affects the clearance process is the product category. Suppose your product falls into a “high-value” category. In that case, you’ll be unable to import it duty-free, even if the original valuation is less than $800. 

Fortunately, 1000s of ecommerce products are classified as low value and can be imported duty-free into the US. These products are more likely to pass through customs after some time as many are regular-use products and don’t require the same level of scrutiny as high-value products. 

While you can search through the US customs database on whether your product qualifies for Ocean T86 clearance, Lionext Inc. also offers to do this for you. This way, you’ll save time on processing and avoid filling in the wrong paperwork for your business. 

The Benefits of Getting Ocean T86 Clearance 

Getting your product approved for Ocean T86 clearance is a significant advantage when running an export business. The main benefit is that you’ll be able to save time and money and improve your business’s reputation with customers for timely deliveries. 

Here are some advantages of getting this clearance on your shipment: 

You Get Access to Duty-Free Shipments 

The main benefit of shipping with Ocean T86 is that you don’t have to pay customs tax. Depending on your product category, this is a significant factor to consider as an exporter, especially if you’re running an ecommerce store. 

With tax-free clearance, you can compete with international stores without worrying about significant markups that may reduce profitability. 

Shipping Times are Reduced Significantly 

If you qualify for the Ocean T86 clearance and proceed with Lionext Inc. In that case, you’ll benefit from faster shipping times, especially when shipping by air. With this clearance, your shipment will move through customs much faster, as there isn’t any need for valuation and tax processing. 

On the other hand, not having tax-free clearance will result in a 48-72 hours delay in shipments, depending on how fast customs process the parcel.

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