Why Contract Logistics Services Can Help Reduce Delivery Costs

With warehousing and logistics costs skyrocketing nowadays, it’s becoming difficult for businesses to manage logistics while staying profitable effectively. This is especially true for small to medium-sized enterprises since the delivery costs will be similar whether you deliver a small or large batch of products. 

This is why more businesses opt for a contract logistics service offered by Lionext Inc. to help manage logistical costs. Besides being more efficient, a good contract logistical services will save you time in managing logistics and can be more cost-effective in the long run. 

So, what does contract logistics entail, and can it help reduce delivery costs? Before going into how contract logistics services can help reduce delivery costs, let’s first explore what it entails.

What Does a Contract Logistics Service Do? 

As the name suggests, contract logistics involves outsourcing logistics to a third-party company. Depending on the contract, this could include outsourcing everything from pickup to warehousing and final delivery to the customer. 

The service offered by Lionext Inc. allows businesses to effectively set an expected delivery cost, manage inventory stock more effectively and reduce the risk of late deliveries. Even larger corporations prefer to outsource logistics, or at least a part of their logistics requirements, due to the high volatility of the logistics market. 

However, a contract logistics service is more than simply a delivery service. It’s a contract that allows hassle-free logistical operation and may even include inventory management. 

What are the Factors of a Contract Logistics Service?

Since contract logistics involves more than ensuring that a product is delivered from point A to B, it’s essential to know what it entails before outsourcing your business’s logistics. A good contract logistics company will offer a wide range of additional services in addition to the delivery service. 

Here are some factors that a complex contract logistics service will entail: 


While warehousing is only a tiny part of the logistics chain, it’s one of the most critical factors that may affect the business’s overall product cost. It should therefore minimize warehousing costs without putting the supply chain in jeopardy. 

Contract logistics offered by Lionext Inc. may also include a warehousing contract, where you can rent a portion of a business’s warehouse before connecting with the logistics service. Since both services are outsourced, it’s up to the third-party logistics management service to determine the most efficient warehousing and logistics options. 


The second factor in any logistics contract is the logistics itself. This could include pickup and delivery or be focused on delivery from the warehouse. Outsourcing a logistics contract is much cheaper than having a dedicated logistics service, as it’s similar to a shared riding service. 

Is a Contract Logistics Service Worth It? 

A contract logistics services by Lionext Inc. can help reduce inventory management, storage, and logistics costs. However, it’s not for all types of firms. Larger multinational companies with a massive product demand will ideally have their warehouses and logistics services, and having an in-house operation may be profitable. 

However, smaller firms are more likely to benefit from a logistics contract with a third-party service. The main benefit of contract logistics is that it offers more flexibility regarding goods delivery.

Instead of sticking to a particular delivery routine, which may cause delays in case the delivery chain is disrupted, a third-party service may have a range of alternatives to ensure the product is delivered on time. 

This also reduces the need for an in-house logistics management team, which can reduce the total logistics cost. This is especially beneficial for ecommerce sites and small businesses where demand is relatively unstable. So, consider a reputable contract logistics service if you want more flexibility in your business’s logistics.

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