Four reasons to go for Ocean freight services

Ocean freight service is a popular choice for anybody transferring cargo overseas. Since it provides shippers with transportation services at a reasonable price range. 

Seas and oceans make up most of our world, making them one of the most accessible alternatives for moving freight. It is one of the oldest ways of transporting goods as well. International shipping accounts for over 90 percent of all items that are moved globally. 

However, you might think the reason behind a person going for ocean transportation is when there are other choices available, like road, air, and rail transportation. 

If you choose ocean freight services or are thinking about doing so, you may be weighing the benefits of this form of freight. 

Thus, four of the main advantages of choosing ocean freight shipping are as follows:

Cost-efficient Option 

In the ocean shipping sector, people can find the most affordable freight rates, particularly for long distances. You might be aware that sea freight shipment is less expensive while it is slower than air freight. 

However, you might not know about the significant difference in the costs, though. 

According to specific estimates, the cost of ocean freight shipment is often 4 to 6 times cheaper as compared to that of air freight. 

With figures like these, it can be easily claimed that marine shipping is the least expensive method of worldwide shipment.

Option of Shipping bulky cargo

Ocean freight services can often meet the shipper’s demands, regardless of the size of their cargo. It is possible to share the cost of the shipping services by bundling smaller shipments with other goods for filling the container. 

Bulky, heavy, or oversized goods, including heavy machinery, construction supplies, vehicles, etc., are usually too heavy or oversized to be transported by air freight or even by land. 

Nevertheless, several transportation ships have little to no trouble transporting such large goods. A commercial ship has a lot of space and can haul a sizable amount of heavy goods. 

In contrast, it can require a whole plane to transport only one consignment of your goods.

A Safe Option 

An ocean freight service is preferable in nearly all ways unless timing is essential. People have been traveling by ships for ages since the globe comprises 71 percent water. 

There is a vast number of cargo containers traveling across the ocean daily. Marine transportation is now secure, safe, and economical thanks to modern shipping containers, which have been used for approximately six decades or more.

Dangerous chemicals and hazardous cargoes can be securely transported on ships. This industry is experienced in managing these products, and some rules have been set for protecting the crew, the environment, the vessel, and especially the cargo. 

As marine safety improves, cargo loss due to mishaps during transit continues to decline and has decreased dramatically over the past ten years. 

For further protection, containers are made to be secured by seals and other necessary measures while being transported.

Environmentally Friendly Option

Air travel and several other modes of transportation have far more giant carbon footprints in comparison to marine shipping, which is unquestionably bad for the environment. 

However, compared to other shipping methods, ships offer the most carbon-efficient means of transportation and emit the fewest amount of exhaust gases per ton of cargo. 

As technology is advancing worldwide, new ships are entering the service field, and alternatives fueled by liquefied natural gas (LNG) are used, all of which are known to be highly low-emission approaches, making the minimal carbon footprint of marine transport even lower than it already is.


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